Welcome to “Me, My Sexuality And…” . Originally these musings were posted on my other page, AsexualSexologist.com. I decided to move these posts to their own page because they are mostly musings, random thoughts, quizzical considerations, and stories about my personal sexuality and it’s development as I understand it. I want my Asexual Sexologist page to be more all-encompassing, more about research and information sharing than about me and my personal life. I think it’s worth sharing these musings because they may help explain some of my quirks and the thought processes I went through as I realized I was asexual but I don’t mean for them to necessarily contribute to the greater dialog about asexuality.

Ultimately I hope these musings will help people see that there’s more to my sexuality than who I don’t want to sleep with.

All of the posts have the option to leave a comment and I would welcome the chance to have a dialog about any of my musings.

Please be advised: I write very candidly about my sexuality and my experiences because it is difficult to have honest dialog if I’m holding back. Also, I’m not ashamed of my sexuality or my experiences and if I were less than truthful or or left things out I think it would give the impression that those were things I was ashamed of or should be ashamed of and part of the whole point of this is to put myself out there so that if someone else reads what I’ve written and identifies with it in some way that they can feel that they aren’t alone. Consequently some of the content may not be suitable for minors, please use your discretion.